Build your own artist website

ArtistSites.Pro is a site and eBook created by an artist for artists. Susan Clifton is a South Florida Artist and a web designer. She has been creating websites for clients worldwide for 18 years. Her understanding of the internet needs of artists is from first hand experience. The ever changing internet keeps her on her toes. Susan has a good understanding of web design and internet marketing and wishes to share her knowledge with tech savvy artists who wish to build their own site but don’t know where to start.

Build Your Own Artist Website is an easy, step-by-step guide to building a portfolio site with WordPress. The goal is to build a search engine optimized site that is easy to maintain and is scalable as your art business grows. The eBook includes 11 Chapters and 48 pages of information on building an artist site that will make you proud.

If you’re comfortable with uploading photos to the internet then you can do this. Preparing your images for the web is the hardest part. In Chapter 5 Susan explains the size they should be and includes links to website tools that will resize the images for you. She walks you through the process of installing WordPress, creating and organizing your content, naming your images, and creating your portfolios.

Learn from a Pro

Even if you have set up a WordPress site before, most likely there are things you will learn in this book that you didn’t know.  The book covers how to properly set up WordPress for the search engines and makes recommendations on the best plugins for artist websites.

Marketing Strategies are included as well. You’ll learn the basics in Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Networking and Engagement Marketing.

The book also includes resources at the end of each chapter to help you find the answers you need to get it right the first time.