Creating custom backgrounds for your site

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Website backgrounds are usually created with small jpgs or gif images that tile to fill the screen. You can find many websites that offer free background tile images. Most of them are hideous. You’re an artist so create one.

Start by thinking of how this background can compliment your site. Don’t overdo the design, it will look busy. I prefer to use texture. But for the Matisse Demo site I used a simple two color piece of artwork to repeat in the background. Limiting the amount of colors is one way to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Your pattern on the tile has to be seamless. The simpler the pattern the easier that is to do. You can do graduated tones, graphic patterns, and textured backgrounds. Your tiled image can be any size. I created a few backgrounds for you to demo. Download these backgrounds to try out how they work. DOWNLOAD

If you like a subtle background there is a site that has free downloads.

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