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The art of business cards

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Do you have a business card for your art business? Does it represent you well? Is it easy to read? Your business card is a reflection of yourself, and your artwork, and may be the only item that someone has to remember you now, or a year from now. Maybe you might want to create Read more >>

6 Ways to Grow Your Mailing List

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The most common thing I hear is “no one is signing up for my mailing list”. Yes, it’s true that people don’t fork over their email address easily. But if they love your artwork they will subscribe to get invitations to exhibitions and to follow the journey of your success. Here are a few things Read more >>

Promoting your art with video on YouTube

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Recently I came across an artist who uses YouTube to promote her art. Gwenn Seemel’s videos explain her process. You get a glimpse into her world and see her work in it’s evolution. Promoting your art with video is a perfect way to show collectors your evolution, your past work, current work and your thoughts Read more >>