6 Ways to Grow Your Mailing List

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Grow Your Mailing List

The most common thing I hear is “no one is signing up for my mailing list”. Yes, it’s true that people don’t fork over their email address easily. But if they love your artwork they will subscribe to get invitations to exhibitions and to follow the journey of your success. Here are a few things you can do to increase your email list.

1. Don’t hide your subscribe form on your site.
Place your form above the fold, not in your footer. Don’t make your visitors scroll to find it. They aren’t looking for it. Make it visible. I suggest using a pop-up subscribe form like the one I’m using on this site. They can’t miss it.

2. Offer a freebee or run a monthly contest.
Some artists offer a screensaver of their art, something downloadable. Get Creative! Maybe offer a free print. A small print that you can send regular mail. For a small investment you can collect email addresses of the people who love your art.

3. Have a guestbook at your live events.
People who are at your events love your work. Have a guestbook for them to sign in. Don’t forget to prompt them to give their email address. I would love to find one that has a column for email. I created my own. You can also have a bowl to collect business cards. You can entice them by giving away a print at the end of the evening.

4. Volunteer to give an art talk at a Club or Organization.
This is a great way to get your art in front of potential new customers. Pass around a short form to rate your talk and include a field for their email address.

5. Network outside the arts community.
Join networking groups in your area. Get out there, bring your business cards, collect business cards and let it be known your art is for sale. Ask for referrals.

6. Add your subscribe form to your Facebook Profile.
There are apps for Facebook that allow you to connect your Constant Contact or Mail Chimp accounts to Facebook. Add it, then Promote it.

Now that you have emails in your list, send emails. Your list can get stale just sitting there. Each time you send an email you are cleaning out the emails that are no longer active.  Keep your list fresh by sending regularly.

Don’t forget to include a “Forward to a Friend” link in your emails. Your subscribers will help you get more subscribers by sharing your emails with others. Mail Chimp and Constant Contact both include social buttons for sharing and “Forward to a Friend”.  Please share ways you’ve grown your mailing list in the comments below. I’d love to hear the creative ways you’ve increased your mailing list.

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