The art of business cards

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business cards for artists

Do you have a business card for your art business? Does it represent you well? Is it easy to read? Your business card is a reflection of yourself, and your artwork, and may be the only item that someone has to remember you now, or a year from now. Maybe you might want to create a different size card for a more memorable and interesting experience. It’s all up to you, the artist!

Can you read your name from a distance? Are the colors too dark and interfering with your name? Your Art Card should be a good representation of you and your art.

Is it easy for someone to read your email address or find you on Facebook, Twitter and other social media? You can also create a card that is two-sided for more information.

Information that you may want to include:

Art Business Name (if your business name is other than your name)
Website URL
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages or other social media
Optional: Studio address

It may be worth it for you to have a professional designer design your logo and cards but if not, just design it yourself! You can do it easily by going to various business card sites. Don’t forget…your business card represents You and your Art. Keep your design clean, the focus should be on your art.

I highly recommend
Moo offers a service call Printfinity that allows you to select up as many photos as you want for the back of your card in one pack. That means you can carry your portfolio in your pocket. They have a super easy design tool to create your design online. Choose a template and upload your images and Voila! you have a great card. Visit now!

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