Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

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WordPress does a pretty good job with basic SEO functionality in it’s core but with tough competition you need to do some optimization. This wasn’t the first SEO plugin I used when I started building sites with WordPress but I’ve since learned why this is the best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin helps you learn search engine optimization. It grades your page as you build it. You instantly see where to improve your content. It includes fields for the focus keyword, SEO title, and Meta description.

SEO Plugin for WordPress

Color Coded

As you’re drafting your page or post it shows you what’s working and what’s not. Keep editing and saving your draft and watch the items turn green.

Page Analysis

Refer to the page analysis tab for hints on how to improve your SEO. Even if you have all green the analysis still shows more room for improvement.
SEO Analysis

These are important on-page settings but there are other global settings for this plugin. You can set a default SEO title and Meta Description, assign Webmaster tools for Google, Bing and others, auto-generate a XML Sitemap, add breadcrumbs, and control Canonical Settings. Some of these are a little advanced, I admit, but there is more than enough documentation at to get you started.

The videos included with our Hosting Packages also include a walk-through of WordPress SEO by Yoast. Click here to download the Plugin or search plugins from within WordPress by searching for WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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