What is Akismet, should I be using it?

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what is akismet

After you install WordPress you will notice there is a plugin pre-installed called Akismet. So what is Akismet? It’s a comment spam filtering service from Auttomatic. Auttomatic was founded by the WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

Why is Akismet valuable?

You’ll find after your site is found by search engines it is also found by the spammers. You will start getting lots of spam comments. Ads for shoes, bags, viagra, etc. It can be a time sucker. Your email box will be filled with spam comments and you will be pulling your hair out trying to keep up with it. Enter Akismet! Akismet catches blog comment and pingback spam using their algorithms. This algorithm learns from the actions of other participating sites and can then identify that kind of content as Spam.

Activate Akismet

How to set-up Akismet in WordPress

Since it is already installed and located in the Plugins that first step is done. Go to the Plugins in your admin and Activate the Plugin.

After you activate it there will be a new menu item in your admin settings for Akismet. Go to the settings and click on the “Get your API key” button.
Akismet API key

You will arrive at the WordPress.com site to create an account. If you already have an account with them because you applied for a Gravatar, then use the same login. For highly successful artists running a business on the web, select the Business Option. But if you are using WordPress for your blog and not selling on the web, then you can name your own price. I would suggest at least the $6 a year option. Let’s continue to support this service.

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