Do you have a XML sitemap? You should!

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xml sitemaps

So what is a XML sitemap? It’s a document that lists all your web pages with their priority so the bots can more intelligently crawl your site and index the pages. Sitemaps do not boost your search ranking, but allow search engines to better understand your website.

Sitemaps are great for new websites and blogs. Without one it will be difficult for search engines to discover all of the post and pages. Sitemaps improve the visibility of your site to search engines. With more pages indexed your traffic will improve.

Generating your Sitemaps

Generating a XML Sitemap for your site is easy, there are many sites that can help you create one. I recommend using

Search Engines and Sitemaps

Your xml sitemap needs to be located on your server. After you have uploaded the sitemap to the server, you have to submit the URL of your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Google: Sign up for a Webmaster Tools account and submit the URL to your sitemap.
Bing: Sign up for Webmaster Center within your Window Live account and submit the URL to your sitemap.
Yahoo: Sign into Yahoo and insert the URL in the Submit Site feed field.

WordPress Users

There is a plugin called Google XML Sitemaps for WordPress that will generate your sitemap and keep it up-to-date as you add new pages to your site. WordPress SEO by Yoast also has a XML Sitemap Generator as part of the plugin. SEO and XML Sitemap plugins are another reason I highly recommend WordPress.

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